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Preparing Food

Frequently Asked Questions

No additives

No preservatives

plenty of herbs and spices 

Created to help you reach your goals and look after your gut health

Meals a blast chilled and have a fridge life off 4 days. 

Delicious, nutritionally balanced and affordable.

Your meal prep sorted!


Supreme Meals provides quality meals prepared by a chef with 15 years experience in hospitality. This NEW Slimeline range of meals is designed with the help of Lifestyle Dietitian, Health Coach & Fitness Professional Kathy Ozakovic

Meals provide: 

2 - 3 Serves of Vegetables 

Great source of fibre and 1 serve of Wholegrains 

High protein (25 - 35g)

Healthy fats 

PICK UP - Plus Fitness Kirrawee ONLY 

1 meal = $8.50

7 meals = $60


Sutherland Shire and St George Area ONLY 

7 meals = $69

10 meals = $99



SALMON EXTRA $2.50 per meal

How is the SLIMLINE range of meals different to the original Supreme Meals? 

The original Supreme Meals range is designed for the highly active individual such as a tradie, to help build muscle and maintain your fit body once your goals have been reached. The more muscle you have, the more food it takes to maintain it! You can still order regular sized Supreme Meals if you prefer. Depending on how many regular sized meals you consume throughout the day together with snacks you may still lose weight and lean out. Speak to our Dietitian Kathy Ozakovic to learn more about your individual requirements and what meal range would suit your lifestyle better. 


Can I freeze my Supreme Meals? 

Meals have been cooked fresh with no additives, no preservatives and blast chilled to allow for a fridge life of 4 days. All meals freeze well EXCEPT the FISH MEALS (Grilled Barramundi and Roast Salmon Fillet).


DEFROSTING INSTRUCTIONS: DO NOT heat from frozen. Allow minimum 24hours in fridge before reheating. This will ensure your meal is not a soggy mess. There are NO ADDITIVES and NO PRESERVATIVES in these meals. They are not meant to be frozen but they can be for convenience (Like most other fresh foods!) 


Why are the meals Blast Chilled? 

Blast chillers provide a rapid reduction of the temperature. This rapid reduction of temperature prevents any reproduction of the microorganism keeping the food hygienic. All of the food products are perishable because they contain NO ADDED preservatives and NO ADDED additives. If the food products are stored at the wrong temperature, the food perishes quicker. The rapid decrease of the temperature helps the food products maintain their firm shape. The food does not lose any flavour or nutrition. It says healthy, fresh and tasty.


What if I’m still hungry? 

It is very common to feel a bit hungry when we decide to change our eating habits, eat a bit less to lose a bit of weight and get leaner. The high protein and high fibre content of these meals will help keep you satisfied and satiated. 


However, if you are still hungry try one of the below suggestions: 

  • Have some Green Tea which has no extra calories and been shown to decrease appetite. Hot or cold pack it with you to work in a thermos. 

  • Add more leafy green vegetables which are low in calories such as a bag of spinach or 4 leaf mix. You overall meal will add up to $10 which is probably still less than what you would spend eating out at a cafe! 

  • Cut up some low calorie fresh vegetables (cucumber, carrot, celery, capsicum, lettuce leaves) and eat on the side with low calorie hummus (Woolworths: SSS Foods; Coles: Coles Brand Deli hummus) 

  • Have a small tub of low fat yoghurt (Plain Chobani, Flavoured ChobaniFit or flavoured YoPro) 

  • Have a piece of fruit 


Allergen and other Advice 

Stir Fried Vegetables contains PEANUTS and PEANUT OIL. Meals May contain traces of allergens. SOY SAUCE used during the trial CONTAINS GLUTEN. Please be aware that exceptional care is taken when prepping our meals. However, meals are made on premises which handle nuts, seafood, shellfish, soybean, sesame seeds, wheat flour, eggs and dairy products and may contain traces of these foods. 



What about Gluten? 

The only meals on the Supreme Meals Menu that are NOT be gluten free: 

Grilled Chicken Breast with couscous and vegetables 

Grilled Barramundi with couscous and vegetables 


If you suspect you are coeliac, suffer non-coeliac wheat sensitivity or other sensitives including FODMAPs, please speak to Accredited Practicing Dietitian Kathy Ozakovic who specialises in helping people improve their gut health. BOOK NOW


Why is protein important? 

  • Protein lowers the glycemic index of a meal helping your blood sugars stay stable

  • Stable blood sugar levels means a steady release of energy and less food cravings 

  • Helps you feel fuller for longer as it is digested slower 

  • Helps your brain release hormones singling satiety 

  • Helps maintain muscle mass 

How much Protein do I need 

Protein requirements are rather individual depending on your age, gender, weight and activity levels. Generally, it is recommended the average healthy individual who is maintaining their weight to stick to 0.8 - 1g protein/kg body weight per day. 


However, if you are looking to lose a bit of weight, lean out and are following an exercise program, Research has shown a higher protein diet may be more beneficial. Anywhere between 1.2 - 1.6g/kg/ ideal body weight per day may be preferable depending on the type and intensity of exercise you are performing. Talk to our Dietitian about your individual requirements. 

If protein is so good, why shouldn’t I be having too much? 

Food displacement - if you are having too much protein, you’re likely to be missing out on something else your body needs such as wholegrains, fruit, vegetables, healthy fats 

Your Kidneys - any extra protein that your body doesn’t use, your kidneys will work hard to excrete 

Protein is stored as a pool of Amino Acids in the body - it is very unlikely your pool of amino acids will ever be empty. Exercise, stress and skipping meals contributes to the pool of amino acids “evaporating”. Focus on consuming protein regularly throughout the day to make sure you are topping up the pool and preventing a low level which contributes to muscle loss. 


Where do I get my protein and Iron from if I choose to eat from the Vegan range? 

Sources of Iron in the Vegan range of meals  include: Quinoa, Freekeh, Tofu, Beans and Legumes. Furthermore, Including Vitamin C with Plant based iron sources improves the absorption of the iron. We have made sure the Vegan range of dishes also includes plenty of Vitamin C from Capsicum, Broccoli, Lemon. 


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