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Achieving & Maintaining Wellness through Nutrition for Gut Health

This Interactive, colourful 45-60min workshop about the FUNDAMENTALS to nutrition is held once monthly.

A great place to start if you are thinking about making changes to your eating habits. 


Everybody Eats, Therefore Everybody has an opinion on FOOD! 

There are so many different opinions out there! Intermittent Fasting, Paleo, Low FODMAPs, Don't eat after 6pm, Carbs make you gain weight, Protein is the most important when losing weight, Counting Calories, My Fitness Pal, Low Inflammatory, Low Salicylate, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, EVERYTHING FREE... (This webinar is free too!)

So many mixed messages. What are we forgetting? We are forgetting the FUNDAMENTALS to Nutrition for health and longevity, disease prevention. 

We have (very successfully) over-complicated the message of good health and nutrition. REGISTER ONLINE for this FREE Wellness Workshop to forget restrictive dieting, be at peace with food and gain the knowledge to create CHANGE.

••• Are you stuck in a rut??? Let me help you get out of it!!! ••• Where do you want to be 365 days from now in terms of your health, your relationship with food, your fitness??? ••• What do you need to do - to get there??? ••• Where do YOU want to start???

“I’ve been following your diet plan. Well, actually it’s not a diet plan. It’s more of a lifestyle plan of some sort… I’ve lost weight and I feel good, I have more energy and I’m sleeping better”

- Client experiencing a mindset shift from restrictive eating to lifestyle changes as a result of improved nutrition habits



What lifestyle changes are you thinking about making? Let’s talk more about that… Join my FREE Webinar about the FUNDAMENTALS to Maintaining & Improving Wellness through Nutrition to gain knowledge about how FOOD can help you create CHANGE


What many see as a 'DIET', I see as
Lifestyle Change

I’m a dietitian but I DON’T go around slapping food out of peoples hands So, you want to ‘go on a diet’ - what is it that you want to CHANGE about your eating habits? Let’s talk more about that….



Would you like some education about foods that help you…

Reduce Cholesterol

Improve Mood

Improve Concentration

Promote Fertility

Prevent Disease

Promote Longevity



I can help you understand how your nutrition CHOICES impact your wellness and move you closer to your goals.



What most see as a diet, I view as LIFESTYLE CHANGES. Use Lifestyle changes as medicine - Because healthy FEELS good and PREVENTION is better than treatment



  • Learn about the impact of nutrition choices on your wellness 

  • Understand the fundamentals to gut health   

  • Be reminded of your health goals 

  • Spark your motivation for change 

  • Have someone else encourage the kids into eating their Fruit & Veg

Bust Nutrition Myths and Prevent Disease! 

My Wellness Workshops are Nutrition Science delivered in a way that EVERYONE will understand! Come along to gain insight into the latest research about maintaining & improving health,

disease PREVENTION! 

Be PROACTIVE about your health. 

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