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NuFit Wellness Mission

  • Transform lives from unhappy & uncomfortable to confident, courageous and committed to their healthiest self 

  • Promote consciousness in food choices to help people heal 

  • Help parents provide their teens the support they need to grow into their full potential 

  • Supporting you through life changes with NuFit Wellness principles

Specialising in Nutrition, NuFit Wellness has 3 Core Beliefs: 

-    Nurturing growth mindsets and supporting neuroplasticity begins with nutrition
-    Everyone has the ability to improve on their health status using lifestyle as medicine  
-    All health begins in the gut 

It all starts with awareness. Delivery methods include private consultations, online and in person group seminars. In this way, NuFit Wellness aims fulfill it's mission. 

The 6 Pillars To Wellness

NuFit Wellness VALUES the 6 pillars to wellness

To optimise Health & Vitality, there are 6 areas of lifestyle that optimise your body’s physiological responses including metabolism, hormones, neurotransmitters, gut microbes… so you can be your healthiest self and perform life’s tasks, cope with life’s changes and challenges.

All recommendations are based on scientific research proven to contribute to health, happiness and success. 


1) Nutrition

Plant dominant, real foods. Less processed and ultra-processed foods.

I emphasis nutrition for gut health as research has shown supporting the integrity of our gut lining is important for overall wellness. FYI: This does not have to mean meat free. 


2) Exercise


180min weekly 

10k steps daily

2-3 resistance sessions weekly 

Minimise periods of sitting and screentime

Now, we individualise it to you and what you find fun

Sleeping with Eye Mask

3) Sleep

Aim to fall in the bracket of 7 to 9 hours average weekly. Rethinking your night and/or morning rituals. Sleep is like a washing machine. Sleep enables our body to process the day without the physiological daily responses. Essentially, you go into a new day feeling fresh, without yesterdays stains. 

stress busters.jpg

4) Optismising Stress Response

Stress is a natural response to threats. Chronic stress causes inflammation and bigger issues later. Learn to use bouts of cortisol and heightened emotions in a helpful way. 

Image by Pablo Heimplatz

5) Light Therapy

25+ quality paper & reviews converge on the fact that increasing natural light exposure (especially in the first 1-3 hours of the day) + limiting bright artificial light 10pm-4am can improve mood, offset myopia, improve glucose tolerance, testosterone, estrogen and melatonin profiles. 

Image by Dan Farrell

6) Spirituality (Mindsets)

Mindsets control our biological responses to foods including hormone responses. Neuroplasticity, Gratitude, Rituals, Habits, Visualisation, Language, Realities, Traumas, Faith, Truths. All these concepts any many more relate to the way we view the world and impact our health. 

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