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Breakfast Ideas

Not a breakfast eater? Stuck in a morning rut? Get some new ideas here. Quick and Easy, Fun and Functional as well as more timely weekend options available. Eat according to your goals and preferences.

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Your lunchtime inspiration. Working from home? Taking lunch to work? Limited facilities at work? No time to pack your work lunch? Find all your lunchtime answers here. 

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Rainbow Pulse Salad - the gut health die

Dinner Dates

Variety is key. Dinner is a great opportunity to get your vegetables variety. Keep it simple. I will teach you tricks to add flavour and nutrition.

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Snack on this

Despite its bad rap, snacking can be a healthy habit! When planned ahead, mid-meals can be a great source of extra nutrition, help us curb cravings, keep us concentrating for longer, give us the energy to tackle the kids (or pets).

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Sweet Tooth

For those special occasions or

'Friday Night Goodie Night'

Model occasional foods in the family environment but rarely discuss them 

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FREE Meal Plan

Coming Soon!

Try this 1 week meal plan which incorporates the above recipes. It has been designed to help you meet your 30 different plant species in the week to promote Gut Health! 

Disclaimer: This meal plan is designed for generally healthy individuals, following the principles of the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating. If you have a chronic disease, book in a session to receive individualised advice to help you manage the disease! 

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