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Explore the podcasts I have guest spoken across to learn more about my values, beliefs and the science behind everything I practice and preach on a daily basis. From Gut Health through to Mindfulness practices.

It is all connected.  

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In this podcast I share the reason I became a Wellness Dietitian and Holistic Nutritionist. Learn why Gut Health and Mental Health go hand in hand. 

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Turn knowledge into action through health coaching. Lifestyle medicine is at the very core of everything I preach. Why Nutrition matters during a dispute. 


Eating disorders are becoming a more common occurrence. In this episode I talk about types of eating disorders, symptoms and why gut health can help. 


Suddenly you are unable to tolerate foods you were fine to eat throughout your childhood... Why and what happened? Listen to this podcast and find out the most common reasons of food intolerances later in life. 

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Why are we so obsessed with gut health at the moment? Learn about the gut microbiome, how our gut bugs keep us healthy and what we can do to help them keep us healthy. 


So now that we know better, how do we do better? Knowledge is power only when we implement the changes that will improve health. How do we achieve this with known Gut Health principles? 


Are you considering breast implants? Have you looked into the potential health effects? A very raw, open and honest conversation about my personal experience with Breast Implant Illness and what I learnt. 

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From Eating Disorder to Wellness Warrior! In this Episode of Table Talk with Vitruvian Health Founder Karl McKenna I delve into my origin story. How I came to be who I am today and how I use my struggle to help others now.

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In this episode, we uncover some jaw-dropping insights about the perception and biases surrounding health and obesity. Kathy drops truth bombs as she reveals how most dietitians and dietetic students have a flawed understanding of obesity. 

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In this episode we explore the importance of finding an experienced explant surgeon, addressing lymph nodes in relation to BII, and the complexity of explant surgery. We also delve into the importance of having a solid support system when explanting. 

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Catch up on the wealth of knowledge Kathy O shared during a LIVE Q&A. Don't just watch, ACT on the valuable insights from. Find out what the perfect diet looks like, what the keto diet is used for in dietetic practice and how to take action. So, what are you waiting for? Tune in now! 


An insight into Kathy's health journey and truth. From an Eating Disorder to Breast Implant and Explant surgery. What it has cost, bought and taught her. How she shows up in the world today. The principles of holistic health, her work as a dietitian and some great takeaways. A wealth of knowledge and compassion. 

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