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Why Trust Me? 

Apart from the fact that I am accredited and have nationally recognised qualifications, I know change is hard. 

If you want to get through something, find someone who has gone through it. 

People Don't Care How Much You Know
Until They Know How Much You Care

I have experienced the difficulties of change

My Story 

"...but have you every struggled with mental health issues?" 

- a question I got asked 

Mental health is one of the wellness pillars I educate about. I try to stay positive but see when it gets harder. It correlates with my responsibilities and family events. Personally, I have struggled with anxiety and depression to the extent of not going to school and not going outside and not wanting to live. Throughout high school I struggled with change, experienced panic attacks and chose to control my food. I restricted. I got down to 40kg (at 170cm tall, BMI of 13.8kg/m2) it took years of education, showing myself compassion and empathy to forgive myself and heal. 

The only thing that separated me from anorexia nervosa was my growth mindset. I wanted to learn and use my experience. The best thing my doctor and the people around me at the time did was NOT label me as the illness. I believe mental health issues and mental illnesses are still more prevalent than we talk about. In fact, Dietitians Australia have recently reported a 300% increase in Eating Disorders which go hand in hand with mental health. 

I am my number 1 client. I now know why and what and how. I've learnt what works for me. I've learnt the things I need to do to stay positive. I check in with myself regularly in a proactive way. I to have great coaches that I reach out to and call upon when I need help!

This is how I got here and this is why I do what I do. 

I am a dietitian - health coach. I am here to educate when asked, it is not my role to give advise or recommendations that are not solicited. I guide clients in moving forward towards their personal health vision and finding what works for them. What worked for me might not work for others. 

No one is you, and that is your power! I want to help you change your Health and Wellness story! Where you are the real hero. 

Trial, error and correction leads to success.

Turn obstacles into opportunities.

Just like my obstacles led me to a career I am so very passionate about. 

Surround yourself with like minded people

We become much like the people we surround ourselves with. Surround yourself with people who are on a similar mission. 

Skinny Me 1.jpg

2012 - 2022

10 years apart

I had to dig hard for this photo. I went through all my boxes and USBs to find it. That girl on the left hid very well behind her studies, high achievements, awards, baggy school uniform, library time and low profile. Little did anyone know the battles…


Maybe more people knew than wanted to point it out. January 2012 I was still very much engulfed by my eating disorder even though I was on the road towards recovery. I don’t remember much but I know I feared certain foods, feared losing control and feared letting go of my ‘safety’ of counting calories.


I wish someone had told me it’s all normal…

I wish someone had told me I might binge and I might feel sad/ angry/ frustrated and I might feel hungry/ stuffed/ like I’ve gone backwards. Most of all, I wish someone had told me I might feel very misunderstood. I wish someone had told me recovery is messy and uncomfortable. I wish someone had told me: No matter how I’m feeling - I can and I will do better and get better. I can and I will change my story. I can and I will find my peace. I can and I will get strong.


10 years later on the right.


After years of ups and downs, self-care, travel, self-discovery, heartache, heartbreak, loving, being loved, crying, laughing, gratitude, gaining understanding and showing myself compassion. Giving myself the time and space to heal and forgive myself. After years of commitment to let go of hurts I’ve held onto for so long. Here I stand proud of being 20kg stronger and 10 years wiser. Instead of shrinking myself to fit into society, here I stand proud of my culture, my knowledge, my experiences, my struggles and triumphs. Proud of the markings on my body. The tattoos, the stretch marks, the scars.

Proud to say I am living life and giving it a red hot crack.


The biggest change I see is my spirit.

You can see the pain, discomfort and disappointment I felt 10 years ago compared to the pride and joy I feel now.

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