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Health and Wellness Coaching

Evoke Motivation through Health Coaching 

Create your health vision and feel supported whilst moving confidently towards it 

Choose your priorities and path towards your health vision

Feel empowered, respected and listened to 

Develop a 'growth mindset' that is more likely to support successful health behaviour change





A discovery call gives you the opportunity to learn more about how Kathy can help you become your committed to your healthiest self 

Health Coaching : About

Why Health & Wellness Coaching

Health Coaching bridges the gap between knowing and going! 

Health Coaches are behavior change specialists who support people to make sustainable diet, lifestyle, and habit changes that are self-determined by the client—or in some circumstances as prescribed by the client’s professional (licensed) healthcare team—to promote health and greater well-being.

Cardiovascular Training : Services

Embodied within all Consultations

Commit to ongoing support with no lock in contracts. Simply book your appointments in advance at a regular time and show up for yourself. 

Why do I encourage a commitment without a contract?

Simply, changing habits takes time. In your first month of Nutrition & Dietetic appointments, I will have given you the knowledge to improve your lifestyle. However, sometimes we need extra support to put knowledge into action and achieve Wellness. Furthermore, maintaining behaviour change in any given circumstance takes practice. 


Walking Consults

All review consults encouraged to be walking consults


Rethink your Health Coaching Consultations

Introduced to help clients get their daily steps target!

I am passionate about your goals and ambitious 

Be time efficient by getting up to 4000 Steps during your health coaching consult! 

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