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Below are only some of the client success stories I've contributed to so far. Be inspired. Every setback is a setup for an even better comeback! Yes, you CAN achieve your health vision and you don’t have to do it alone.

I am so very proud of each of my clients and remind them they should they be very proud of themselves!

Marinko, 59yo

Cholesterol lowered by 36% in only 4 weeks with food and supplements only

My cholesterol was high for some time. It was 6.4 when my GP prescribed me statins (ideal level is 4.5 and below). The GP didn't say anything else was wrong with my blood test. When I spoke to Kathy, she explained my blood test results and what was happening inside my body, to my organs. They were suffocating from fat even though I was not overweight. My urea was high, my kidney function declining and my blood sugar levels rising. The GP didn't mention any of this. I decided to postpone taking the statins. Instead, I followed Kathy's 4 week plan with supplements and nutrition. After 4 weeks my cholesterol got down to 4.1, my Blood Glucose Levels from 5.2 to 4.5 and my kidney function improved. I lost 3kg of fat around my waist. I am now maintaining the nutrition habits I've been taught and supplementing with Vitamin D and Omega3s. 

Enzo, 49yo

15kg Weight Loss Journey

I started my health journey with Kathy at 108kg, after 6 months I weighed in at 95kg. Her nutrition and exercise knowledge is outstanding. Kathy's advice was very realistic and easy to fit into my life. I highly recommend Kathy as a dietitian (total weight loss 15kg!) 

Girl, 10yo
(review from mum)

3 sessions to a better attitude towards food

My daughter was constantly battling with food. She was under eating, restricting food and showing signs of an Eating Disorder. We had seen a dietitian with little success. Kathy was recommended to our family by the mental health coach Katerina from Wellness Wings. We found Kathy to be very empathetic, caring, knowledgeable and used appropriate language so that my 10 year old daughter could understand. My daughter took a liking to Kathy's positive energy and was felt to feel comfortable and truly understood. We found the factual food information presented and discussed relating to the goodness in food connected with and gave my daughter the reassurance she needed. We appreciated the effort and planning made by Kathy in each session to accommodate our daughter’s needs. After 2-3 sessions, we saw a shift in her attitude to food. We understand that this is a journey but we have the tools to assess and reassure and know where to go. 

Male, 17yo

High performer, from under-fueling to understanding! 

Before I met Kathy and the NuFit Wellness community I was wasting afternoons by constantly sleeping. Little did I know that my regular lethargism was due to my poor diet unintentionally under-eating not realising how much food I actually need. Kathy sat me down and taught me the basic structure of healthy eating such as the principles of the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating as well as how to balance meals with the healthy plate model. About a year later, I'm in my last year of high school and haven't felt this energetic since I was a kid. Thanks to Kathy I am reaching my athletic goals and constantly making new ones to replace them. I cannot thank Kathy and the NuFit Wellness community enough for changing my diet thus allowing me to reach my athletic goals.

Carolyn, 49yo

Simple ideas on how to keep my body nutritious and healthy

Never having seen a dietitian pervasively, I was skeptical when my doctor recommended I see one late last year after returning high cholesterol and blood sugar results. I saw Kathy that day and was wrapt with the information she gave me. Things I never thought of in my 49 years. 3 months later and both my readings are pretty much normal. Kathy has and continues to give me knowledge and simple ideas on how to keep my body nutritious and healthy. so glad I went to see her as she's opened my mind to a whole new world of food and exercise, healthier lifestyle and being able to make the right choices. Also recovering from a severe shoulder issue, from a gym injury, Kathy also suggested different types of exercise to try. I have since started Pilates and it's fantastic. 

Selena, 48yo

Weight loss by eating more

Unable to lose weight as a 48 year old woman approaching menopause, I was unhappy with my weight, my shape, and my sluggish lack of motivation. I had a really unhealthy relationship with food. My self esteem and confidence was so low. Everything I tried did not work. Then Kathy walked into my life. Kathy was brilliant and created a diet for me which was full of vitamins and minerals and lots of food! I felt full and not hungry. I enjoyed eating and looked forward to meals. I stopped snacking. I learned what my body needed to be fit and healthy and satisfied. It took time and I was impatient, but Kathy talked me through that and I realised that I was changing my habits and behaviours for life. The aches and pains that I thought were old age actually left. My clothes started to fit really well, and I felt feminine and pretty for the first time in over two decades. Kathy was a life line for me. Best of all, the weight will stay off because I’ve learned about life style from Kathy, not about fad diets and endless cardio. Kathy got me the results I wanted and I felt completely supported the entire time. She’s quite brilliant, and really cares for her clients and their personal goals. She goes the extra mile and believes in you even when you don’t believe in yourself.

Karmela, 60yo

Gut Health Reset

I have been yo-yo dieting for the past 20 years. I've been prescribed Duromine, done Optifast, tried eating less, increasing exercise, restricted sweets. It all worked very well. I would lose 10 - 15kg very quickly. Then I'd gain 20 - 30kg after a few months. At my heaviest I was about 108kg. I had chronic constipation for years I didn't even know it. I used to carry about 10kg of poop in my bowels! My gut health was obviously out of whack.

When I turned 60 I said enough is enough. I reached out to Kathy and she created a plan for me that saw me eating more and losing weight! She prescribed me natural supplements to help digestion and move things along. I am now regular. My bloating is gone. I don't feel pregnant by the end of the day and even have a flat stomach in my 60s! I went from 96kg to 83kg over 10 weeks. I've managed to keep the weight of for 2 months now. I am looking forward to increasing my walking to lose the last 3kg I want to. 


Health gain through

Gut Health

Over the past 1.5 years my wellbeing was declining. First ever so slightly and gradually noticing that I could not walk without pain. Pain in my throat, pain in my upper diaphragm and never-ending runs to the lavatory. A beautiful friend of mine took me out one day and I could not walk 10 meters without pain to such severity that I could cry. My lovely friend picked up her phone and said, Hi Kathy my friend next to me needs you, and so it starts "an unexpected journey.


A video explaining about the gut….from Kathy arrived in my email box. Kathy and I connected and she listened and listened. Kathy worked with her professional friends (at Metagenics) and together started to find a solution. Being all natural products my concerns of taking pills that can harm was non-existent. My mind was clearing my body was/is reacting positively to the health support offered to me. Listening to the body, giving it fresh food and health support when it’s unable to do it itself is the best way forward.


After a few months not only my physical wellness but also my mental wellness has improved very well. I keep on going as now I’m able to walk without pain a lot further and starting to understand the last part of this health journey better. Life without friends, life without the correct support would have looked very different for me. My deepest thanks to both, my friend and Kathy for nurturing me back to a better quality of life. My tummy is better, my throat is healing slowly while slowly losing weight my gut is healing. My deepest thanks to all. 

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