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Breast Implant Illness is real

I was not always who I am today. I continue to grow and evolve into a new version of myself daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. Some values I have carried through my whole life including honesty, loyalty, strength and love. Other values have changed to allow for better adaptability and resilience. Many beliefs have changes throughout my lifetime as I learn more about the human body and the world around me. Thus, let this not be a surprise to you but another lesson I have learnt on my own skin that I am willing to share so we can help others. 

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My BII Story

I was 21 years old when I decided I wanted breast implants. My decision came from a space of unhappiness, low self esteem and a lack of acceptance for myself. I struggled with an eating disorder from the age of 14 to 21yo. My breasts never grew. However, I was also always very athletic. My body would have probably suffered some imbalanced as I starved myself after that. Hormones would not have been able to be produced without the necessary nourishment. My brain was constantly burning whatever fuel I was giving it as I was very studious, leaving nothing to my body for development. I didn't feel feminine enough. I didn't feel woman enough. I felt I was missing out on life's experiences. 

Having breast implants for 6.5 years increased my confidence and self esteem. I enjoyed wearing pretty clothes I've always wanted to wear. I enjoyed buying bras now that I could fill them. However, over the years I also suffered physical and mental health issues for no apparent reason. In particular my skin developed a yellow tinge only 1-2 months after getting breast implants. My liver enzymes were often deranged, my bilirubin high and I was often asked if I have fake tan on. High cholesterol (produced by the liver), increased anxiety, panic attacks, Raynaud's disease (an autoimmune disease), joint pains, food intolerances, inflamed lymph nodes. Some symptoms were daily, some weekly some reoccurring monthly. My GP had no answers for me and I thought each time it was just something I had to learn to now manage. 

What they don't tell you when you are contemplating breast implants is that breast implants were actually banned by the FDA in America between 1992 and 2007 because there was an association between having breast implants and getting very ill or getting cancer. The manufactures argued there is not enough evidence which brought the implants back onto the market in 2007. Furthermore, in 2022 the FDA released a report saying that if the scar tissue (capsule) that forms around the breast implant is left in the body when implants are removed, you are effectively cooking cancer. This is because the capsule harbors many toxins. I was told breast implants are safe. I was not told they are made of toxic substances. I was not told the body's natural response is for the immune system to attack them and create this scar tissue capsule. I was not told of the possible symptoms I could experience as a result of my immune system being in overdrive. 

Having now removed the breast implants after many years of education and personal development I understand my choice back then was the best my younger self knew and had at the time. I am grateful to have has my family's support through both surgeries. I took the long route to fully accepting myself. I took a painful route to embracing myself. I caved to the pressures of society and was influenced by social media. It was an expensive lesson both financially and emotionally. I see how my explant surgery was a natural progression of my increasing awareness and alignment. Not only were the breast implants toxic to my body they were also toxic to my mind. I could no longer justify to my new self the choice to have them as I learnt more. They do not align with the message of wellness I want to portray. At the time they were the right choice for me and now I have outgrown them. I feel more feminine without the breast implants. It was always about mindset, never about my body. 

If you would like to know more about my experience with Breast Implant Illness, the explant procedure, costs, detoxing after explant or would like to have a few wellness coaching sessions to support your body's healing journey book in a discovery call to learn more about how I can help you. 

Listen here (coming soon) to a Podcast I have recorded about Breast Implant Illness. 


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