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Inspiration for Lunch includes quick & easy assembly 

and Meal Prep ideas that you have not thought of yet!  


Rye Tuna Sandwich

Rye Bread 

Tuna + Bean Pate (recipe here

Or vegan option: Mashed Beans only 


Beetroot Slices

Cooked Sweet Potato (Roast or Mashed) + Alfa Alfa Sprouts 

Optional: picked red onions, pesto


Hobz biz zest - @renswonderland
~Maltese Open Sandwich~

Tinned Tuna or Butter Beans

Handful or how many you desire to taste of the filling chopped up: 

Black/Green Olives




Sun-dried Tomatoes


Blitz together in food processor 

Serve as an open sandwich

Store mix in airtight container in fridge and bring to work 



The key here is the order in which you fill up the jar:


1. Dressing: Apple Cider/ Balsamic/ Lemon Yoghurt

2. Garnish: Nuts/ Seeds/ Fruit/ Olives/ Lentils/ Chickpeas 

3. Meat, shredded or chopped: Chicken/ Tuna/ Pork/ Eggs/ Tofu 

4. Veggies: Tomatoes/ Cucumber/ Grated Carrots/ Beets/ Zucchini Noodles

5. Starch: Quinoa/ Pasta/ Rice/ Cous Cous/ Potato 

6. Lettuce/ Spinach/ Mixed Greens


Wet at the bottom,

Dry at the top! 

When you flip it into a bowl, the lettuce with be on the bottom and you can mix it all through! 


TIP: Use Moccona and other Coffee jars! 

Lunch: Tips & Advice

Soft Serve Taco

Corn Tortilla + Avocado + Leftover Mince + Lettuce Iceberg


Pressed Burrito

Corn Tortilla + Cheese + Leftover Mince + Diced Tomatoes + Avocado + Spinach 


Burrito Bowl

1. Marinade the protein of choice: chicken breast/ Tofu/ Fish (minimum 2 hours in fridge or leave overnight)

Marinade Examples: Juice of lime, onion powder, garlic powder, ground cumin, olive oil, black pepper, salt, chilli flakes for a punch! 
2. Switch up your grain! Substitute rice for quinoa or use half-half 
3. Any BEAN is a great option! more opportunity for variety 
4. Tip - Remember to squeeze lemon juice over avocado to keep it fresh. Make your own guac to keep it additive/ preservative free: avocado + lemon + lime juice + Spanish onions finely chopped + salt + cilantro + jalapeno (optional!) + ground coriander (optional)
5. Serve with a dollop of LF plain yoghurt + lemon juice (optional) 


Tuna Rosti's

750g Potatoes, peeled, diced and boiled (SPUDLITE for less carbs)
1x 425g Tuna Can, drained 
200g Cottage Cheese of choice (Bulla Chives & Onion for more flavour)
4 Tbsp Psyllium Husks 
1 Egg 
EVOO spray

1.    Peel and cook potatoes until soft enough to mash with fork 
2.    Mash potatoes with masher or blend with blender stick 
3.    Preheat oven FF 180’C, Place baking paper on tray, lightly spray with olive oil and scatter 2 tbsp psyllium husks 
4.    Drain  1x large can of tuna and add to mashed potatoes, mash or blend together 
5.    Add cottage cheese, mix/blend
6.    Add psyllium husks, mix with wooden spoon 
7.    Crack and scramble 1 egg, add to mixture, mix through with wooden spoon 
8.    Form round or flat rosti's, sprinkle psyllium husks over top and oven bake 20min turning at 15min, until visibly crunchy/golden coat forms 

Tip: Save the potato skins for roasting 

Avo Pea smash .JPG

Avo Pea Smash on Toast

Avocado + Peas Smashed/Blitzed + Toast + Egg/ Tuna/ Cabbage

Screenshot 2021-11-22 173835.png

Low Carb Chicken Lettuce Cups 

Grilled Chicken + Tomatoes/ Salsa + Cucumber + Olives + Carrot + Beans/ Corn + Avocado

Screenshot 2021-11-22 174025_edited.jpg

Low Carb PB Chicken Wrap

Mountain Rye Wrap + Peanut Butter + Shredded Carrot + Spinach Leaves + Boiled Chicken Breast

Chicken Wrap.jpg

Pesto Chicken Wrap

Wrap + Pesto + Spinach Leaves + Roasted Capsicum + Chicken Tenders + Danish Fetta + Pumpkin Pure

Screenshot 2021-11-22 175104.png

Mediterranean Bean Salad 

4 Bean Mix (rinsed and drained) + cherry tomatoes + capsicum diced + green and black olives + purple onion + cucumber + crumbed fetta + parsley + white wine vinegar

Nourish Bowl .png

Nourish Bowl

Greens (Kale/ Spinach/ Lettuce Mix)  
Sweet Potato
Quinoa/ Rice
Orange Segments
Berries/ Pomegranate 
Sprouts/ Microgreens 

Turmeric Chickpeas
Walnuts/ Other nuts 

Lemon-Tahini Dressing: Tahini + Lemon Juice + Water + Lemon Zest 

Screenshot 2021-11-22 194806.png

Rainbow Salad

Ingredients: Lentils, Chickpeas, Buckwheat, Quinoa, Garlic, EVOO, Red Onion, Red Capsicum, Mini Roma Tomatoes, Lebanese Cucumber, Pumpkin, Red Cabbage, Baby Spinach, Leafy Herbs (Parsley, Coriander, Cilantro) 

Optional Extras: Avocado, Crumbed Feta/ Goat Cheese/ Cottage Cheese 

Lemon Dressing: 1/4 Cup Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice (2 lemons) + 2 Tbsp EVOO + 1tsp Seeded Mustard + Salt + Pepper

Serve With: Grilled Chicken/ Poached Egg/ Salmon


Thai Quinoa Salad

Ingredients: Quinoa (cooked) + Shredded Cabbage, Carrot, Diced Cucumber, Tomatoes, Capsicum, Onion, Cilantro, 1/4 cup peanuts chopped 

Optional Extras: Edamame beans

Peanut Dressing: 1/3 Cup Powdered PB2 + 3 Tbsp Liquid Aminos + 3 Tbsp Water + 1 Tbsp Honey + 1 Tbsp Red Wine Vinegar + 1tsp ground ginder + 1/2 tsp sesame oil +  a pinch of red pepper flakes

Serve With: Grilled Chicken/ Tofu

Lunch: Tips & Advice
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