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What I do

I provide individualised and realistic advice which meet a client's needs and personal preferences, to help reach and maintain health goals.

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Dietitian &
Holistic Health Practitioner

All Health Beings in The Gut

Dietetics is a healthcare profession. Dietitians specialise in the interpretation and communication of nutrition science to enable people to make choices about the food they eat to promote health and wellbeing.

As a Dietitian & Holistic Health Practitioner I focus on helping clients prevent, manage and reverse nutrition-related illnesses. 


Health Presenter/Speaker

Online and Face to Face Wellness Workshops

It all starts with awareness!

I  connected with my audience by delivering Online Wellness Workshops which focus on a holistic approach to health. These are always fun and interactive, often featuring a fellow Health Practitioner sharing their knowledge as well. 

I also deliver workplace presentations to help corporate teams maintain their health at home or in the office.

If you are interested in either of these, book in a discovery call to discuss further!



Podcast Guest Speaker

Advocating For Lifestyle Medicine and a Holistic Approach to Wellness

I am always excited and happy to guest speak on fellow health practitioner podcasts! I love sharing the latest research and knowledge about my specialties including Gut Health, Lifestyle Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, Eating Disorders, Mental Health, Nutrition through the Lifespan.  

Listen to the podcasts I have been a guest speaker on. Email me for enquires and invitations to your podcast! 


Wellness Coaching

Evoke Motivation and Move Forward

Health Coaching bridges the gap between knowing and doing. I help clients translate their knowledge and the science into actionable steps moving them forward towards their health vision. Health Coaching is embodied into consultations with clients. It is also known as the client centred care approach. 


Use Lifestyle As Medicine

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