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Nutrition & Dietetics

Disease Reversal, Prevention and Management

Dietary Education 

Individualised Diet Plan 

Supplement Guidance  

Group Education 

Public Health Nutrition 

Nutrition & Dietetics: Services

"Nipping it in the bud"
Prevention is better than treatment

Research has shown that many diseases are lifestyle and diet related. By gaining a greater understanding of the impact of lifestyle choices on our mind, body and spirit we can implement habits which prevent the onset of and manage existing chronic disease.

Nutrition & Dietetics: List

A dietitian can assist with the nutritional prevention & management of:

Gut Health

Irritable Bowel Disease 

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

FODMAP guidance 

Diverticular Disease 

Gastric reflux


Impaired Fasting Glucose 

Pre Diabetes

Type I Diabetes 

Type II Diabetes 

Gestational Diabetes 

Abnormal nutrition-related laboratory results

High Cholesterol

Elevated Triglycerides

Iron Deficiency Anaemia

Micronutrient Deficiencies 

Chronic Pain Management


Cardiovascular disease

High Blood Pressure

Coeliac Disease

Food allergy and intolerances 

Sports Nutrition


Cancer Support

Low Appetite

Poor Food Quality

Low Budget Ideas  

Weight Management

Intuitive Eating

Intermittent Fasting 

Optifast VLCD 

Bariatric Surgery

Kidney Health

Prevention of kidney stones

Management of Gout  

Renal Disease Support

Mental Health

Fatty Liver Disease

Osteoporosis/ Osteopenia

Our goals:

Assist in the restoration of good health
Specifically tailor nutrition care to each individual
Promote ongoing healthy lifestyle choices 
Educate in preventative wellness healthcare

Nutrition & Dietetics: Text

Nutrition Consultation Hours

Online Video-Call Consultations Only

    Tuesday     900am - 600pm 

 Wednesday  900am - 600pm


      Friday        900am - 300pm  

   Saturday     900am - 300pm 

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Nutrition & Dietetics: Text


Initial Consultation

At the initial consultation, the dietitian will ask questions about your current diet, exercise habits, medical history and lifestyle to complete an assessment that will enable the formation of an individualised nutrition care plan. If referred by a doctor for a specific medical condition, please bring along your referral and any relevant test results. 

Nutrition & Dietetics: Text

Review Consultation

Follow ups provide the opportunity to review your progress and obtain ongoing nutritional support in areas you want to improve on. During the review, the dietitian may revise your nutritional goals, provide further education, answer any questions and fine-tune your nutrition care plan.


Phone or Video call consultations available across Australia.

Private Health and Medicare rebates apply! Tele-health is breaking geographical barriers. Research has shown it can be just as effective as a face to face consult!


Clients I have never met in person from other states have achieved significant improvements in the nutrition & fitness working with me via Tele-Health!

Nutrition & Dietetics: Text
Nutrition & Dietetics: Text
Nutrition & Dietetics: Image

Supplement Guidance 

Rethink your supplements.

Invest into clinically researched and proven supplements that give you the support you need. Let's talk about 'Practitioner Only' supplements and where they fit into your lifestyle plan.

*Initial Consultation required prior to supplement advice

Herbs and Spices
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Nutrition & Dietetics: Services



Nutritional and Herbal combinations clinically proven to address common conditions

Practitioner Only

range of supplements

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