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NuFit Wellness

Dietitian & Wellness Coach

Holistic Health Practitioner

All Health Begins in the Gut, Use Lifestyle As Medicine

Supporting you through change with NuFit Wellness principles

Kathy Ozakovic

Transforming lives from unhappy and uncomfortable to confident, courageous and committed to their healthiest self

Turn obstacles into opportunities  

Setbacks are learning opportunities to identify your Strengths

Healthy Food
Running Shoes
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A discovery call gives you the opportunity to learn more about how Dietitian & Wellness Coach Kathy Ozakovic can help you change your Health and Wellness story. Find out why Kathy is the right dietitian for you!

'I focus on guiding clients towards achieving & maintaining Wellness through Nutrition for Gut Health because research has shown all health begins in the Gut'

With personal and professional experience supporting individuals with Metabolic disease, Gut Health issues, Performance Nutrition and Eating Disorders, I noticed that focusing on Gut Health helped me and others improve Physically and Mentally.

There was a time when I didn't have Health & Wellness, and this is why I care. I know what it feels like to restrict in the attempt to shrink. I know what it feels like to avoid foods in fear of bloating, gas, needing a toilet! There was a time I was depressed, suffered panic attacks, had a cholesterol level above 7 and deranged liver enzymes without ever drinking alcohol.

My struggle is my gift as I now guide others to achieve and maintain their own wellness. 



Wellness Coaching

Create your Health Vision and move confidently towards it 

Nutrition & Dietetics

Gain a healthy relationship with food
Eat to perform better at life 
Understand how food impacts your body & mind

Supplement Guidance

Individualised supplement support

Chronic Disease Management, Reversal and Prevention

GP referrals, medicare and private health

Learn more here: Clinical Nutrition

Online and In Person 
Wellness Workshops 

Holistic Health interactive education sessions for your workplace, schools, friends

Book a discovery call to discuss! 

I don't put people on diets! I don't even put them on a scale. I want you to stop measuring your progress and start monitoring it. Watch your attitude towards food improve and self-confidence grow!

I started my health journey with Kathy at 108kg, after 6 months I weighed in at 95kg. Her nutrition and exercise knowledge is outstanding. Kathy's advice was very realistic and easy to fit into my life. I highly recommend Kathy as a dietitian (total weight loss 15kg!) 

- Enzo, 49yo

Values and Beliefs


Everyone's balance is different 

Don't go looking for your balance, Create your balance

When it comes to nutrition and fitness, there is no 'one size fits all' approach.

Healthy eating involves the enjoyment of a variety of whole foods. Exercise involves a variety of movements that is fun. My role as a Wellness Coach is to evoke motivation and provide guidance when prompted to help individuals achieve and maintain health, in any given circumstance.


Trial, Error and Correction leads to Success

Success leaves clues

My aim is to help you:

Identify areas in your Lifestyle you wish to improve on

Help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be

Work with you and the circumstances you face daily

Help you find progress and continuous improvement 

Guide you through challenges and setbacks

which are stepping stones towards success

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Health Presenter

I am passionate about sharing messages of Health & Wellbeing. 

Educational content is underpinned by scientific literature communicated in a way relatable to the audience.

More details HERE



Explore the podcasts I have guest spoken across to understand why I am so passionate about Wellness and what I practice and preach daily! Find the podcasts HERE

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Clients have been sharing their health journey and improvements with me so that I can showcase them to you! Read about some incredible results including:

  • Cholesterol lowered by 36% in only 4 weeks with food and supplements only 

  • Weight loss of 10kg over 8 weeks 

  • A new attitude towards food after only 3 sessions 

  • From unable to walk to improved quality of life through gut health


Read their testimonials HERE



Immerse yourself into wellness with the 5 Day Wellness Challenge - Detox By Design! Your starting point to your best, healthiest self. Go to 'Book Now' to find out when the next challenge is being held! 

NuFit Wellness brings you a brand new approach to kickstarting your health journey: Detox By Design with Kathy O.

In this 5 part Wellness Challenge founder of NuFit Wellness, Integrative Dietitian and Wellness Coach Kathy O will be hosting 60min sessions to help you gain a greater understanding of: 

PART 1: The 6 Pillars To Wellness 
PART 2: How to Achieve Superior Gut Health 
PART 3: The Detox By Design Way 
PART 4: Break Free From The Diet Cycle 
PART 5: 3 Keys To Create Lasting Change 

Challenge yourself to show up

Fresh Produce

Memberships & Affiliations


A bachelor's degree of nutrition and dietetics enabled me to become a member of Dietitians Australia.

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