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Online Wellness Courses

Below are 3 online courses that run throughout the year each with a different purpose

in line with the mission of NuFit Wellness. These programs have been designed based on personal experience, the most common client presentations and triumphs.

Surround yourself with people on a similar mission to increase your rate of success.

Download the accompanying document outlining the program to learn more.

Spots are limited to allow for effective delivery and 1:1 offerings.

These programs are NOT self pace programs.

They are led by and hosted via Zoom by dietitian and wellness coach Kathy. 

Legs in Jeans

6 Week Teen
Wellness Program

I help parents provide their teens with the support they need to grow into their full potential

This 6 week program is runs over the Summer School Holidays December with the aim of helping your teenagers navigate through life's next stage whilst achieving and maintaining their health and wellness. It is everything I wish I had learnt at High School when I was most struggling with an Eating Disorder and Body Complexities. The reality is, no one teaches you the most important things about growing up. How to support yourself through it. 


 Information booklet coming soon!

Ages: 16 - 20yo 

(teenagers and young adults)

Family Time

3 Week Family 
Wellness Course

Promoting consciousness in food choice to support healing

This program is for all adults and parents. It is designed around the principles I wish my family had 
known when I was struggling with an Eating Disorder and Body Complexities. With ED clients as young as 8 years old, I see the urgency in helping adults understand how to support their household. 

Regardless of whether you are going through your own personal struggles, supporting someone with an ED or just want to learn to support your family in Health and Wellness principles this program is for you. 

Information booklet coming soon!

Ages: 20yo+

Healthy food

28 Day Metabolic Reset 
to Lower Cholesterol

Transforming lives from unhappy and uncomfortable to confident, courageous and committed to your healthiest self

Approximately half of all adult Australians have higher than desired blood cholesterol. Heart Disease is Australia's leading cause of death. Every 10 minutes someone in Australia has a heart attack. The main risk factors are high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Things we can control. Learn to lower your risk and ensure a quality long life. 

Information booklet coming soon!

Ages: Unlimited, anyone with high cholesterol or a carer of someone with high cholesterol. 

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