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Online Wellness Workshops

Sign up for one of my online wellness workshops where I team up with various health practitioners to deliver courses to help you achieve wellness. Choose what area of your health you want to improve.


Connect with experts in the field and hear guest speakers share their stories. Below are only some examples. Sign up to the NuFit monthly e-newsletter and follow my social media pages to stay in the loop about upcoming Wellness Workshops! 



Mindfulness & The Gut


Developed for women who experience stress and gut related physical symptoms of stress such as bloating and constipation! This course focuses on educating women about the connection between mindfulness and the gut and teaches relaxation and concentration techniques to use in any circumstance. 

Read more here:

Mindfulness & The Gut for Women


Mindfulness and The Gut

for MEN

Adopted for men - coming soon 

Meditation Group


Maintaining & Improving Wellness through Nutrition for Gut Health

Family friendly, colourful and interactive! This 45-60min Webinar is all about the FUNDAMENTALS to good nutrition. Read more about what inspired and what is covered in this webinar: MORE INFO


Sports Nutrition
The Next Level 

Ever felt like you put in so much effort but don't get results? Even though you eat healthy, sleep well and train hard. DO you want to take your body composition, training, performance to the next level? This webinar reveals some of the reasons you may be stuck! 

Barbell with Weights
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