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Bitter Sweet Summer Salad for Superior Gut Health

Over the past year, with more clients viewing their gut microbiome using the Microba Insight Test (that has now upgraded to the more comprehensive Co-Biome testing), I have noticed an increase in oral bacteria species in the gut. Keep reading to learn what this means and what you can do about it if you suspect this might be you!

Ideally, oral species of bacteria do not get as far as our bowels! They are called oral species because they are meant to be and stay there. If they are showing up in the test results, they are traveling to the bowels, too far. This is an issue because oral species of bacteria in the stomach inhibit the digestion of proteins and cause bloating. We often see this in people taking PPI's (antacids) for acid reflux as decreasing the stomach acidity means the bacteria survive and thrive where they are not meant to!

In this way, this purposeful decreasing of stomach acid (by taking antacids) may actually be perpetuating the very issue of acid reflux. What do I mean by this? Exactly what I said. Acid reflux may be caused by lowered stomach acidity. When you don't have enough stomach acidity you are growing the wrong types of bacteria in your stomach (hello SIBO). As a result, you are unable to digest your food efficiently, the oesophageal sphincter becomes weaker or doesn't close all the way and results in heartburn.

If you are not taking PPI's, three other likely reasons why oral species are getting past the stomach include:

Increased stress levels - Difficulty down regulating the Nervous System (NS) to the Parasympathetic NS (known as the rest and digest mode). Therefore, an individual will be operating in 'fight or flight' mode using the sympathetic NS which decreases stomach acidity (helping oral species of bacteria to survive).

Chrononutrition - When we eat matter. Training our body to eat at roughly the same time each day also trains it to release stomach acidity accordingly, at times of need making digestion more effective. Yes, the body is that smart.

Vitamin or Mineral deficiency - Sufficient amounts of zinc and B vitamins are particularly important for the production of stomach acid.

What you can do about it: Firstly, we can via a Co-Biome test whether you have oral species f bacteria getting in the way of your digestion as well as look into all sorts of other cool gut health markers. If you are experiencing acid reflux and have been masking the problem with antacids, I invite you to reach out so we can investigate together the underlying causes, help your body restore equilibrium and tapper of the PPI's.

Stomach bloated without acid reflux and without the use of PPI's? Add bitters to help your stomach produce acid! Dandelion, Andrographis and salad vegetables like kale, ginger, endive, rocket. Try this summer salad to help your stomach produce the necessary acid for digestion. Add Apple Cider vinegar to your meals to create a more acidic environment in your stomach. Don't blame acid for what bacteria/ stress/ chrononutrition/ vitamin or mineral deficiency have caused!


  • Rocket

  • Apple, grated

  • Carrot, grated

  • Chicken breast, grilled

  • Walnuts, crushed

  • Apple Cider vinegar

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Salt and Pepper to taste

Serve with: Sourdough Toast topped with cottage cheese

Keep it cool: Grate the carrot and apple, mix together and refrigerate overnight to make this salad even more refreshing during the hot days!

Add your own style: swap the apple for your choice of cooled melon, add a poached egg, swap the walnuts for pistachios.







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