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DETOX YOUR DIVORCE RETREAT, Terrigal February 2021

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

A retreat for individuals going through big change. Being a Health Coach specialising in Nutrition & Fitness enables me to remind individuals off, or help individuals create their health vision and move forward towards it.

This weekend away was all about self-love, doing the things that you enjoyed doing before the relationship, moving your body to allow emotions to pass, defining your own way of mindfulness, allowing yourself to grieve for those who hurt you, breaking cycles, feeling your body to move forward

I spoke about the role of a Health Coach, Lifestyle Medicine and why you should 'Detox your Divorce, NOT your Diet' which explained the gut-brain axis and my top 3 Dietary Tips for Gut Health!

Channel 9's 'A Current Affair' crew were there to share the experience. Get a snippet of the event here:

Even though I have personally not experienced the difficulties of divorce, over the 2 days I drew on personal experiences of heartache, grief, stress, changes that I have experienced moving countries. I cried and I laughed with the women at the retreat as I felt for them. I learnt new skills about relationships, money management, self-forgiveness, mindfulness, mental health, the court system and the collaborative approach to separation.

My Take Home Messages from the retreat:

• Acceptance & Commitment Therapy is important 
• Move your body to let e-motions pass 
• Anger is a stage of grieving, don't let it become resentment 
• Resentment is old anger held in, let it go to heal 
• Acceptance is part of the journey, not the destination 
• What got you here, won't get you where you want to be  
• Live your future on your terms 
• Neuroplasticity - look it up! 
• Taking consistent action requires mindfulness to overcome habits 

I look forward to guest speaking at more such events in the near future!

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