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Healthy Homemade Smoothie and Juice Ideas

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Smoothies and Juices are a strategy. They are not meant to be an all day, everyday thing! Here I explain why this is and how to make or spot healthy smoothie. Juices are different to smoothies and you will learn how, why and when they have a role to play.

Since the above photo shows some juices, lets start there. Juices are a thinner consistency and offer more sugar than a healthy smoothie. This is because they are generally more concentrated with fruit and vegetables. They are usually low in protein and low in fibre because the fibre has been broken down in the process of juicing.

Juices are a great option when we are not feeling very well or have little time between school and sport. Because they are lower in protein and fibre, juices are quicker to absorb in the body so they are not likely to cause discomfort during sport, even if we consume them 20min beforehand (keeping in mind individual digestion times very and symptoms depend on a number of factors!). The rush of sugar to our bloodstream will give us a burst of energy and allow for better performance. Remember eating orange slices at halftime? Sugar! When we are not feeling well and have lost our appetite we might not feel like a smoothie as they are filling and sit in the stomach for longer. This is where juices can come in handy as we will get some nutrients! Use the above photo to try some juices. Simply blend the fruit/veg together and add water.

Juices summary

thinner consistency

low protein

low fibre

higher sugar

quick absorbing

sport performance


Smoothies on the other hand can be used as a complete meal! If you are not a breakfast person, preparing a smoothie and sipping on it on your way to work may be an option. Smoothies keep us fuller for longer because they have more fibre, protein and healthy fats than juices. You can make a smoothie as an afternoon snack for your child when they come home from school knowing they are getting plenty of nutrition for growth and development! I've developed the below "Smoothie Formula" for my clients to follow when preparing a smoothie to ensure it is healthy and balanced: .




Wholegrains and fruit deliver both fibre, carbohydrates and texture/ consistency of the smoothie. This is why there are two formulas. Below is an image helping you put these formulas into practice using food choice examples. I've also listed a few combination ideas of my own! Get creative.

Mocha Coffee:

Oats + 1x Banana + ALM Milk + 1 Scoop Protein + 1 Tbsp PB + 1Tbsp Cocoa + 1 Tbsp Gentle Fibre + 1 Tbsp Instant Coffee

Balanced Berry:

1 Weetbix + 2 Tbsp Chobani Yoghurt + Water + Frozen Blueberries + 1 Tbsp Flax Seeds + 1 Tbsp Psyllium Husks

Tropical Green:

Oats + Handful Kale/Spinach + 2 Tbsp Yoghurt + 6 cubes Pineapple + ½ Avocado + Water

Mango Magic:

½ Zucchini + Handful frozen mango + Banana + ALM Milk + Chobani yoghurt + Water + 1 Tbsp Chia Seeds







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