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Keep The Weight Off These Holidays

How many times have you told yourself "This year I won't gain any Christmas weight"? Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different results (A. Einstein). You gotta talk and walk different if you want different. It's time to change the approach. So, if you don't want to gain weight what do you want? Here are my top tips to help you maintain or lose weight during the festive season. It may not be what you expect.

Set Clear Intentions

Let's be honest with ourselves first. What are your goals these holidays? Would you like to maintain your weight, lose some weight, drink less wine, feel lighter, exercise more, spend more time outdoors, spend more time reading, spend more time with the kids, do some baking...?

TIP: If you are time poor, put a timer on and take 20min to set clear intentions for the Christmas, New Years, Summer School holidays. What do you want? I'm not asking about your family and friends. I want to know what you want first. Then you can factor in others. Let's make sure your wants and needs are being met. Some of your wants and needs may overlap with family and friends (win-win!).

Follow Up Intentions With Clear Actions

Now that you know what you want and need, how and when are you going to achieve this? TIP: Take out your calendar in whatever form you use (paper diary, online schedule, phone or print a blank calendar template) and start blocking out days and times for certain activities.

Who do you need to speak to about your plans? Make sure you schedule time for that talk as well. Maybe you need your partner to look after the kids at a certain time you want to go to a gym class or a swim. Speak up. It is tempting to think that the people we live with can read our mind.

Ditch The All Or Nothing Mentality With Awareness

There are infinite possibilities between the two extremes. Prevent yourself from falling into the trap of the 'all or nothing' by making conscious decisions. Instead of trying to ignore and resist all the delicious foods and drinks available, acknowledge it. Be aware, stay present and consciously decide to have a treat or skip it if that is what you want. Be aware of your hunger and fullness cues. Be aware of the more nutritious foods and less nutritious foods. Be aware of how you feel. You might find yourself craving a salad after the chocolate. Without awareness, we mindlessly overindulge and then wonder 'how did I get here'.

Keep It Simple - The Food Advice You Were Expecting

Alright, you all saw this coming. Nothing new here and it is always good to get a reminder:

1. Focus on wholefoods (real foods)

  • Anything that grows on a tree, grows in the ground, grows on a shrub, was once running or swimming around

  • Anything your great great great great grandmother would recognise as food. If she wouldn't recognise it probably not real food

  • Minimally processed

2. Eat the rainbow

  • of plant foods, not drinks

  • Colourful, fibre fueled plants

3. Be guided by the healthy plate model

  • Cover 1/2 your plate with colourful veggies

  • 1/4 with a wholegrain

  • 1/4 with a lean source of protein

  • Sometimes it won't be a wholegrain or lean meat and that is okay! Stay aware of your choices and balance your food intake throughout the day

4. Drink plenty of water - even with meals

  • You might be thirsty and you don't even know it because of all the delicious foods you're surrounded by!

  • I don't usually recommend drinking water with meals as it can cause and exacerbate reflux. However, if we focus on portions (which water can help us do) and go for a gentle walk after eating or remain standing you'll be right! (If you suffer extreme reflux please get in touch with me! You may need more personalised advice)

5. Stay Active and Sleep Well

  • Gentle walks in nature and/or more adventurous planned bushwalks

  • Sightseeing wherever you're going early morning or late afternoons to avoid the sun which will have you feeling drained

  • Walk around airconditioned shopping centers/ malls during heat waves

  • Sleep is more important than you think! It regulates our hunger cues, our emotions (beating emotional eating) and is when we lose weight! Read more about foods to help you get a good night sleep HERE

There you have it! My top tips to help you maintain or lose weight this festive season. Which one of these tips do you love the most? How will you make sure you remember it? Will you write a post it note and keep it on your mirror, add a reminder on your phone, set an alarm with a phrase reminding you to stay aware? Knowledge is only as powerful as the actions we take to implement it.






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