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Top 5 Nutrition Time-Saving Tips

My keys to staying on track with meals? Routine, consistency and preparation! Below are some handy tips to follow to achieve these.

1️. Learn what constitutes a healthy lunchbox for adults and kids

Requirements are individualised depending on your gender, age, and goals. However, the nutrition guidelines for good health can we met by following the Health Plate Model in any given circumstance! Aim for 1/2 your lunch box to be vegetables (2-3 serves), 1/4 protein (1 serve) and 1/4 wholegrains (1-2 serves). On the side we want to see water and a serve of fruit. JUST LIKE THIS PHOTO! If you need some extra inspiration visit: Healthy Lunch Box Examples

2️. Plan your weekly dinner meals

Use a weekly whiteboard or template and map it out. Use memorable phrases and start trends like Fish Friday (aim to have Omega 3 fish fish 2x weekly), Turkey Tuesday, Meatless Monday (another fish day), Mid-Week Pasta, Family Roast Sundays. Whatever makes your meal planning easier.

3️. Create your shopping list from the weekly meal plan

Having a meal plan and knowing what you're going to eat during the week makes grocery shopping much easier! Are you a pen and paper person? I am! Take the time to write your shopping list so that you don't stray at the shop and end up with ingredients that will perish or temp your sweet tooth. Set yourself up for success! You'll end up saving time and money.

4️. Meal prep time!

Some simple meal prep ideas you can use on the weekend to make your week stress-less:

  • Boiled chicken breast creates a beautiful broth to which you can add fresh or frozen vegetables, angel hair and a bit of that chicken breast shredded. Now you have Sunday lunch and a tupperware full of shredded chicken for salads, wraps, sandwiches.

  • Eggs can be preboiled, leave them in their shells in the fridge up to about 7 days.

  • Blitz together a large can of tuna and 2 cans of white beans to create a paste you can use on sandwiches, wraps, serve on Vita Weats with a side salad.

5️. Cook more at dinner and portion it out before you plate up

Don't just hope there will be leftovers, be proactive about your lunch (and health!). Make sure you set aside your food for tomorrow before dinner is served. Follow the healthy plate model to make sure it is balanced.

Bonus Tip: Plan for a 'NO COOKING NIGHT' – Every now and again, we all want to sit back and lift our legs whilst things get done for us (pedicure anyone?). Plan for a night when you are OFF DUTY. My go to are "We Feed You" frozen meals because they are nutritious and delicious. They are meals I would prepare myself and are easy enough for my partner to plate up. Although, he does cook steak better than me. So, I've made him responsible for my weekly red meat intake. That’s 2 nights/week that I don’t cook! Add in the occasional dinner date night and that’s 3 nights. Suddenly, meal prep doesn't seem so daunting.

Remember to create meals that you actually want to eat and will feel good doing so.

Healthy Plate Model for kids and adults

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