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Do you suffer from NDD? Nature Deficit Disorder

Nature Deficit Disorder is a thing. Here's one way a lack of time in nature may be affecting your health.

Get outdoors and create your own collage you'll love to look at from your desk!

There are many many factors other than diet which impact our gut health! Chronic stress is as detrimental to our gut microbiota as a poor-quality diet. A poor-quality diet may lead to chronic disease. Like so, stress can alter our gut microbiota and cause inflammation which may lead to chronic disease!

Did you know spending time in nature improves you GUT MICROBIOME?

People who don’t spend enough time in nature have higher rates of mental illnesses including anxiety and depression. When in nature, you are exposing yourself and inhaling great bacteria for your gut microbiome! Think about this - Does gardening improve your mood? It might be through the gut-brain axis mechanism. Ecotherapy has been shown to lower blood pressure and improve mood. It’s like a cheap and natural Prozac!

Why or why we might NOT be responding to dietary intervention is much more complex than what we think. Perseverance and consistency is key. Microbes in our gut are capable of producing compounds that tinker with our brain function, immune system and even our human genes. Allergies, autoimmune diseases and mental health conditions are all characterised by increased permeability of the intestines and chronic inflammation.

Chronic stress is as detrimental to our gut microbiota as a poor-quality diet.


Cure your Nature Deficit Disorder. As little as 30min of exercise 6 days a week (that’s 15min x2, 1 morning and 1 evening walk) has been shown to increase the diversity of microbiota and promote more Short Chain Fatty Acid producing bacteria (the goods)! However, consistency is key. When you stop, biodiversity decreases.

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