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Setting Resolutions You Will Care Enough About To Achieve

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

STOP measuring your progress and start MONITORING it...

Throughout the month of January, I did a lot of Success Planning and Goal Setting with my clients! The first session of the year was all about what they want to achieve and where they want to be come December. If you haven't done your Success Planning yet, it's NEVER late. Setting goals and having a vision for your success can be done in all aspects of your life. So, how do you set resolutions that you will care enough about to achieve?

Do the opposite of what you were taught in Western Society... Our society is results and output driven. We want to have all the things yesterday! Whilst the outcome of your goal may be weight loss/ health gain, ask yourself - WHY are you doing it? Connect with your intention. What are you creating?

Late last year I was reminded of and re-taught the concepts of (Thanks Paula Be!):

Be --- > Do --- > Have --- > Give

So often, we get swept up in the 'doing' and 'having' we forget that we are human 'beings' that crave connection.

BE: What do you want more off in your life? Who do you want to be 12 months from today? What values and beliefs do you want to live by? What energy do you want others to notice about you? What qualities do you want to enhance?

DO: What are the rituals (daily/ weekly/ fortnightly/monthly/ quarter yearly/ half yearly) that make you feel you are 'Being'? What actions bring more of what you want into your life?

HAVE: What does this give you, what results are you after, what do I want to gain? What do I want from life?

GIVE: What do I want others to gain from me, how will I serve others, how do I want my clients to feel when they walk out? What does life want from me? What is my purpose?

For example:

BE: I want to be the fittest and healthiest version of myself. I value strength. I want others to feel I am passionate about and look after my health and fitness. Practice what I preach.

DO (What makes me feel fit and healthy?): +10k steps/day, 5 gym sessions weekly, weekly check ins with my coach, chiropractic adjustments fortnightly, Bedtime routine, Skincare routine, Meal prep

HAVE: Health, Structure, Routine, Frees up my time, Confidence, Balance, Fit Body, Healthy Mind

GIVE: Motivation for change, Joy/Laughter, Support, Knowledge, Experience

Setting your SMART goals is often based on the theoretical idea that it will somehow be better for you/ Give you more of what you want to have. Reconnect with WHY it important to your 'Being'. Add meaning to your goals. The 'Why that makes you Cry'. Only then will you find practical ways to make changes (action steps) and only then will you apply these action steps to your life. Without understanding the meaning, you are unlikely to care enough to carry through or maintain the changes.

Writing things down and sharing with others makes it real for me. I don't like reading, I like to listen to podcasts and audibles. I even make my laptop read out scientific articles to me. My point here, find your learning style and create action plans and strategies according to them!

Then, STOP measuring your progress and start MONITORING it! Be curious. Remove the self-judgment. Show yourself some compassion. If you've had a good week - what made it so good? If you've had a bad week - what made it bad?

Do you want to improve your health & wellness this year? I am here to help you. Book in your free discovery call to learn more about how I can help you change your health and wellness story through nutrition.







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